Jim Reddig

Jim Reddig has been picking at the guitar since the age of seven. He grew up blessed with parents who instilled in him a love for all styles of music. “I was told I could hum the theme from the movie “Exodus” before I could talk” he recalled.

Moving to Texas from Rock Island, Illinois at the age of 18, Jim quickly immersed himself in the local music scene. “Waco has a number of very accomplished musicians, and playing with people who knew a lot more than I did made me have to work extra hard to keep up,” he noted.

Jim has been playing in the Central Texas area now for over thirty years, and has opened for acts such as Garth Brooks, Travis Tritt, Colin Raye and Shelby Lynn, among others. He credits his easy transition into the Gordon Collier band to the diverse bands he has played with around the Waco area.

“I was asked to sit in with Gordon when he needed a guitar player, and his kind of music was just what I wanted to play, so I kind of latched on and now they can’t get rid of me!” Jim said. ‘I guess that makes me kind of a musical barnacle.”

The Gordon Collier Band’s music meshes perfectly with Jim’s country/rock style of playing, and he is always looking forward to their next gig, regardless of where in the Central Texas area it might be.