Dave Blanton AKA daddy talkin

Bass/Lead Guitar/Harp

"Boy's those energy drinks are gonna kill ya both! "Thats his words to Jeff and Gordon. Dave is the bands "father figure". Now that’s not making a crack at him about his age (OK, well maybe a little)! It refers to Dave's knowledge of the show business. Dave has been in many bands in different capacities. Dave has the solid straight forward look at things that keeps this band on the right track. Dave's love for his family and God makes him a wise choice when a decision needs to be made either in life or music.

“I love music!! Any kind, don't mind. I do believe I came out of my mama tappin' my toe. Born in Port Arthur, Tx (hometown of Janis Joplin). Grew up in So. Jasper Co. 'God's country' we call it. Was force-fed George Jones, Ernest Tubbs, Merle and such by my dad.(we've all been there!) Later I discovered he had pretty good taste in music after all. Mama got me my first guitar with Green stamps. By then I was heavy into the Beatles, Beach Boys, Ventures, and anyone else on am radio that didn't sing thru their nose or play the fiddle.

”I Learned to play from a friend who took guitar lessons during the week. We jammed on the weekends, and he taught me what he had learned the week before. When I started out playing him, the free lessons were over. Our idols were a couple of cats from Nashville who had a local rock-a-billy band. Man, could they play and sing!! Beat most everything we had records of.

”Later on we would go across the La. line and listen to Jerry, GG, and the Boogie Kings. People like Little Alfred and Charles Mann. That was some of the greatest music I've ever heard!! Lots of those cats are still at it nearly 40 years later. I had my own band all thru high school. We played for our Sr. prom, so I guess we were pretty good. We used lots of horns and a B3 w/Leslie cabinet. Took six of us to put that sucker in the truck!!

“I moved to Waco in '68 to go to TSTI. Got bored, quit school, got in a band, and have been here since. Sure miss John R and the Wolfman (Jack) on late night radio. That's where I learned the blues and R&B. Have always been a guitarist first, but learned to play bass when I met Rick Garrett--mainly because that was the only thing he really needed at the time. Later we added a lead and drums to form 'Bandit'. It's still the best thing I've ever been associated with. Later played with 'Apache Tears' and worked with Richard Thomas and Lobo Loggins. (He was from Jasper, too--must be in the water!) Since then I have managed an award winning Gospel trio (forgot to tell you, I found Jesus along in there somewhere, but that's a whole other story. Ask me and I'll tell you all about it), played in an award winning country band, and become a part-time sound tech.

"The thing I'm most proud of (other than finding Jesus) is my association with the Music Association of Central Texas--M.A.C.T. It's the best organization I've seen in this part of the country to promote live music and the artists behind it. I am proud to serve on the board and to have been its treasurer for the last four years. I would recommend it to any musician, songwriter or anyone who just loves music. Like me!”